API Call Limit - 492 Error


I believe we are running into the API Daily Limit because all other integrations (I currently have 3) stop working. To get an increase, I have to provide HubSpot with the 492 errors. Where does one see this? We have a client who is at the end of his rope as we keep hitting this limit. Please help. Portal 4622020.

Extensions API - Concurrent Issue

Hi @amgambina, to confirm we're on the same page, you're seeing a problem in Account #4622020 where all 3 integrations you have installed stopped working? If so, which integrations are you speaking about? OAuth-installed applications (apps you see here: https://app.hubspot.com/integrations-settings/4622020/installed) are subject to different rates than an API key. For your API key, you've only hit about 10k out of 40k total requests:

Can you describe what you mean that your integrations stopped working? Which ones stopped working?


Hi Connor,

Thank you for your response. The integrations I'm referring to are Mention and Mozenda. Do you know if we ever hit an API limit anytime for the month of Nov? We are trying to troubleshoot why these integrations just stop working. The developer was using webhooks with the Extensions API and has modified this approach this morning. We are a partner agency and work with Alex Desnoyes.



Hi @amgambina, looking at the Monitoring section of the Mention App, I can only see 5 failed API calls all time (4xx or 5xx errors).

They're all legitimate errors that do not have anything to do with concurrent requests. It does not appear any limit was hit, but the last call to any endpoint in that app was November 29th. Is the code that runs those applications still up and running? I'd check with whomever developed the integration.

For your M1 integration, I do not see any 4xx or 5xx errors at all in the Monitoring section: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/4785851/application/180465/monitoring/api, and the last call to an endpoint with that app was today, so that integrations appears to be working.

The only integration I see that has lots of errors is the Google Maps one here: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/4785851/application/178609. I can see tons of response deserialization errors on November 24th - 26th, but it appears the issue was with the hosting provider (Heroku), as your CRM Extensions URL was changed to https://hubspot-extension.appspot.com/api/demo on the 26th.

There have been successful calls to that integration today, so there doesn't appear to be any error with ths integration at the moment


Hi Connor,

Thank you very much for the information and time. It would be great to have access to this information, such as you provide for Salesforce API. Should I submit on Ideas forum?


Hi @amgambina, we don't provide that information in your production accounts because for the most part, when downloading an application, usually the person downloading did not also develop the application. If you did develop the application, this information is all available to you within your Developer Account. In your case, that would be via this link: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/478585. Looks like the only person with access to this portal at the moment is development@workshopbuilt.com.