API call returning 'property group does not exist' when in fact it does



I get this error message:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“property group does not exist”,“correlationId”:“0827f293-4e01-4b59-8841-528dcb430105”,“requestId”:“e5899a05e35e0226588dc6b0807389f6”}%

but I have confirmed that the property group actually exists. At first I created the group using the API, and when I found that it does not show up in the dashboard, I created one manually. I have seen this before- but there is no resolution (Custom properties and API).


Hi @rchh

Can you send me the Hub ID and the property group name that you were seeing this with? Are you able to see the property group through the API when you couldn’t see it in HubSpot?


Hub ID: 2998717

Yes, I can see the property group through the API.


“groupname”:“Last Order Summary Overview”

If I try to do a GET to /contacts/groups/

This is among the list of groups returned:

“displayName”:“Last Order Summary Overview”,“displayOrder”:7,“hubspotDefined”:false"


@rchh you’ll need to use the name of the group when creating the property, so you’d need to use "last_order_summary_overview".


That was what I initially tried and that does not work too.

{“name”:“lastorderdate”, “label”:“Last Order Date”, “description”:“Date of last order by customer”, “groupname”:“last_order_summary_overview”, “type”:“date”, “fieldtype”:“date”}’

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“property group does not exist”,“correlationId”:“0b96c1c9-e900-467b-83cf-2f70f08693f0”,“requestId”:“8f6394715f490eec993f1a4e2ca51aa5”}%


The field names used in the POST request are case-sensitive, so you’ll need to use groupName (capital N) when making the request. Sorry for the confusing error here, the error shows the group as the problem since that field is required and since it’s missing it’s being treated as '' (which would be invalid). Related to this, you’d also need to use fieldType (capital T) instead of fieldtype.