API call to get all recipients for a campaign?


I am trying to automate/ blackbox the report I get when I click on an Email campaign -> Recipients tab. From there I can export a CSV file with all recipients and their event status. How can I trigger this? Can someone point me to the right API Call for that?


Hi @okreitz, there isn’t a way to get the CSV through the API, but you can get all of the event data for the campaign, which would include all of the events for each recipient:


Thanks! Found it and tested it - works great!

Now I stumbled upon the next challenge: can I trigger an email via API call assigning a list and updating the body and subject line? The Transactional email API seems to allow this but is there a way to do this without a $1000 per month upgrade? Thanks again!


Outside of the Transactional add-on, there isn’t a way to manually send an email directly through the API, but you can send email through a workflow, so if you have a workflow that’s sending an email you can enroll contacts in the workflow through the API:

Both the body and subject of the email could be personalized, using personalization tokens or smart content, but if you need full control over the body for each recipient you’d want to look at the Transactional add-on.