API Calls Daily currentUsage doesn't reset?


We have been running up against our usage limit as we move some content off an old website and into HubSpot using the COS API. We’ve been trying to get a handle on how quickly we’re burning through the usage using the Check Daily Usage API, but the “currentUsage” value is giving us what looks like a totally bogus value:

> [
>   {
>     "name": "api-calls-daily",
>     "usageLimit": 40000,
>     "currentUsage": 1184042,
>     "collectedAt": 1500402012353,
>     "fetchStatus": "SUCCESS",
>     "resetsAt": 1500436800000
>   }
> ]

Even though the API is telling us that we’ve basically blown through the usage limit for the day, we are not getting 429 responses and I am able to continue using the COS API to migrate data today.

Does anyone know what currentUsage is reporting here? This is incredibly confusing.