API connection / data exchange HubSpot <> Backend


Hello, I'm looking for a way to share sensitive data between HubSpot and our backend.

We want to move all our forms to HubSpot Forms and process the handling of the resulting requests via HubSpot - using workflows to trigger email notifications. The workflows also control who receives emails (for example, based on countries / business units, etc.). Each country and business has different recipients of email notifications. We already use this type of workflow for many of our countries.

Our problem case:
We are using a so-called "Address Finder" to make our service providers and service providers searchable and contactable for those who are interested (for example, "www.draeger.com/de_de/Fire-Services/Address-Search"). Globally, the Address Finder contains thousands (!) of contacts with different email addresses that are stored in our backend and are not available in the front end. All these contacts use the same contact page with the same contact form (!). Based on the variable ContactId = XXXX ", it is currently ensured in the backend that the request is assigned the correct contact with the correct email address from the backend.

Now, if we replace the contact forms with HubSpot Forms, we need to make sure that in Form Submissions with certain IDs we get the correct email address from our backend to the HubSpot workflow to forward the request in HubSpot to the correct email address. We need this feature for all pages that contain HubSpot Forms.

I see the following options at the moment:

  1. We pass the email address on our form pages in the URL as a variable / string: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/forms/can-i-auto-populate-form-fields-through-a-query -string - Of course, this must not be transferred in clear text and must be encrypted / veiled.

  2. We use the HubSpot API to submit the email address. Which HubSpot API should we use for this and how can we integrate the information from the API Call into the workflow?

  3. Do you have another idea? e.g. using Web hooks?

Thank you,


Hi @sspeck

I'm sorry, I don't think I'm fully on the same page. Are these forms on your website? If I'm a contact and I come to your site and submit a form, what exactly happens with respect to the back end? My gut tells me that if you need to do a lookup on the back end, and send data from there to HubSpot, you're probably better off submitting to your server, and then from there to HubSpot via the Forms API: