API Contact Add to List returning new contact as invalid


Hi there! I have a customer who has connected our HubSpot integration and the call to create a new contact is successful and returns a VID after creation. The successive call to add the new contact to a list fails and the body is as follows:

{ updated: [],
discarded: [],
invalidVids: [ 55401 ],
invalidEmails: [] }

Any idea what settings this could be? List settings? Contact settings? Or what could constitute a brand new contact as being listed as invalid?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @tryinteract,

Happy to help. To troubleshoot effectively, though, I'll need a bit more information. Would you share:

  1. The full request URL you used, including the method.
  2. The raw request body, including the headers.
  3. The full error you received from HubSpot, including the status code.