API create/update down



The API to create/update contacts is down!



Hi @Julio_Cesar

Can you provide more details for this? Especially for any errors you’re seeing? I wasn’t seeing any issues or errors and was able to successfully create contacts when testing this.


you can open this page?


That endpoint doesn’t support GET requests, so you won’t be able to open it in a browser or you’ll just get a 405 Method Not Allowed error. Only POST requests would be accepted by that endpoint.


findid the solution: before day 20 of this month we wore use the portalid with apikey. Now we change to only hapikey and OK.
Anything was changed about the URL of create contact?


The portalId parameter isn’t required, since the portal is deduced from the hapikey, but there shouldn’t be any problems if you are including that parameter.

Are you getting a specific error? If you are including the portalId, it would need to match the portal tied to the hapikey or you would get an error that they don’t match.