API (Dev account) contact call not adding to my Sales/Marketing Accounts Contact List


I recently created a secondary account (developer) in order to make api calls to hubspot.

Although both accounts are under the same hubspot (different hub ids obviously), I got a 200 response which means, SUCCESS, and the contact is not showing on my sales/marketing account's contact list.

I have no sales/marketing on the developer account, but I've no idea why they are not connecting nor where is it stored, because it is indeed stored as the second try says "Already exists".

Please help


Hi @info_web,

Are you using the hapikey you got from your developer portal? That hapikey is only intended to be used to change the settings/configuration of your apps. In order to make requests to your Marketing/CRM portal, you'll need to get the hapikey from that portal:


Thank you, managed to find this earlier today but definitely what I needed.




How does one create hubspot owners inside hubspot to later look up and assign to contacts?



Hi @info_web,

The default owner property reflects the existing HubSpot users that have access to contacts, so adding an owner would mean adding a new user. You can also create a custom owner-type property; to do that, check out the following Knowledge Base article: