API - Escaping ampersands in multiple checkbox values


We are having trouble updating a multiple checkbox field. We are posting something like this:

{“properties”:[{“property”:“interest_areas”,“value”:“Technology;Benchmarking & Measurement”}]}

…which results in the error: Benchmarking & was not one of the allowed options

We don’t appear to be having any issues passing values containing ampersands for other field types. How should the ampersand be escaped?



Hi @jcummins06

Can you send me the Hub ID you’re seeing this with? If the ampersand is part of the value (and not just the label) for that option, you shouldn’t need any special handling for that.


Hi David, thanks for getting back to me - the ID is 483419.



Thanks James. I’m not seeing this with a similar setup on a test portal and I need some more details. I’ll message you directly.