API for capturing abandoned forms



Hey there,

I was wondering if you had an API for capturing partially-filled-in form data when a user starts filling in a form but doesn’t submit it. I have a site that captures users’ information but often they will abandon the form before completing it. I’d like to reach out to that user and offer them an incentive to come back and complete the signup process.



@sax1johno There isn’t an API for this but you could use our marketing automation tool to accomplish this. You could start a workflow for anyone who visited a page and didn’t submit a form.


Thanks for the reply - I gave that a try but it’s not quite what I was looking for. Here’s what I was thinking:

I’d like to have form data captured from the form sent over to my application so I can fill in email templates. Then, once the templates are filled, we’d like to send it back to Hubspot for sending and tracking. Does that make sense?

I’d be glad to schedule a call to discuss further.


@sax1johno What would be the purpose of sending it to your application? If you wanted to relay the email back through HubSpot you could use our SMTP API (Note: this costs extra)

Could you send the form data to both HubSpot and your app? And then build the emails/templates out in HubSpot? This would cut down trying to send the data back and forth.


Thanks for the response @pmanca - I think I was approaching this whole thing wrong. I’m working with your Head of Partnerships, Kevin, on integrating exactly such an API, and I was basically looking for a developer contact there that I could open a dialog with so we could discuss integration details. Would you be the contact I can reach out to?


@sax1johno I would reach out to your account manager. They should be able to help you or pull in the necessary resources to do so.