API for Tiny PNG Image compression


Hi Everyone,

I am a Webmaster and I am trying to integrate the https://tinypng.com/developers API into our hubspot platform.

I was wondering if anyone has done this before on hubspot and can provide me with some help or documentation ?



Hi @romilbandi

HubSpot automatically resizes any images loaded on your pages by default. You can read more about that feature here:


Hi @dadams,

Thanks for the reply !

This API is not for resizing images, its for compressing images.

We have used this on our website manually and saved a lot in Image size which made our webpages load faster.

I wanted to use the API they provide so that we don’t need to compress the images manually and upload them.The images will be automatically compressed as soon as they are uploaded.



@romilbandi in addition to automatically resizing images server-side when they’re loaded on a page, any JPEG or PNG images uploaded to the file manager get recompressed and optimized during upload as well.