API in Form for GuidedChoice


Hi, We have connected a form via API and passing information into hubspot. Our form uses a property “product_c” and is in properties. At first the hubspot tech support team thought it was because it didn’t have the right internal name but we updated it and it still not working. What is happening is that when someone purchases, the form registers in hubspot as someone purchased and if you look at the form submit, the product they purchased registers there under product however, the information is not getting passed into our contacts report where we have a column with the property of product. It registers that they purchase but not showing which product.

Is someone able to help me figure out why the form would not be pushing the product over to the property to show up?


Hi @Tracy,

Looking at the submissions for that form, I can see that the 'name' field (which should correspond to the internal name of the property) is 'product', while the internal name of the property is 'product__c'. Can you try updating the 'name' field to 'product__c' and submitting the form again?


Hi Derek, so I changed the property and in the form, I changed the label so they match to product_c but it is still not working…


Hi @Tracy,

Did you make this change in the HubSpot form editor, or to your custom form? If your custom form is submitting the incorrect value to the forms API, the change will have to be made on the custom form itself. Based on the recent submissions I can see, it appears that the property being submitted is still set to product instead of product__c.