API Integration - Contacts to Static List


We inadvertently deleted the app in hubspot which we used for contact integration. I was not the developer who set this up originally a year or so ago.

I have tried to set this up again, going through the authentication process, acquiring the refresh and access tokens, et al. However, I'm still unable to get this to function properly. Since it's internal to Hubspot, I don't have access to logs and there is absolutely no messaging for me to know what is occurring.

I do know I was able to successfully get users added to the Contacts. But I'm told these users then need migrated to a static list ... which is not occurring. How is one to understand what preventing this from occurring?


Hi @bossong,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're able to successfully create contacts, but you're unable to add them to an existing static list? Can you give me an example contact & example list in your portal, as well as an example API call you're making when trying to add the contact to the list?


Thanks for the reply Derek. Unfortunately, I never received a notification you replied. But the good news is I have it working. Our eCommerce platform is hybris. I had updated the DB directly as opposed to using an impex. Without clearing the cache, it was not picking up my changes. Simple as that.