API Integration Needs


I need to find out whether our API can work with Hubspot. Here are our API Docs and what we require. We have an API token that needs to be used to make the correct Json call. Before I get a programmer to start setting all this up, I wanted to see if we can get some sort of confirmation that it will work. Any help will be appreciated.


Welcome, @rherget.

I don't see any reason why this API can't be used in conjunction with HubSpot! It's important to note, however, that our APIs do not talk to each other directly. Instead, there must be some intermediary system to translate and format data and make requests back and forth.

Put differently, the screenshot of your endpoint and parameters mean nothing to HubSpot, just as our documentation describes endpoints, methods, and parameters that have no bearing on your system. The developer's job will be to build a bridge between the APIs so that the information reaching one "gate" or the other will make sense to the relevant endpoint.