API Integration - Passing through a PDF file or a Linked PDF url



I would like to have a ‘custom generated’ PDF (form 3rd party website) be pulled through into my Hubspot account (CRM and Sales Pro) so that the PDF doc is linked to Lead in contacts.

If the PDF is not possible to pass through to Hubspot as a file then is it possible as a link?

I look forward to your feedback



It is interesting for me as well.


Hi all,

You can upload the file to the file manager, then attach the file (using the file ID) to an engagement on a contact record. Below is some documentation on these APIs:


It is more interesting how to download file via API.


Hi Derek

Thank you for your response and solution. We will give it go.

I know you only assist with development but maybe you can assist.
When the attached file is pulled through into Hubspot, is it stored to the ‘Archived Files’?



HI @NikitasC333,

When you upload the file to the file manager, you’ll have the ability to decide which folder it’s stored in. When it’s added to an engagement, you’ll also be able to access it from the contact record.


Hi Derek

Perfect, and thank you for your help