API integration


Hi I am fetching form submitted records through API. In recent times i face an issue. I wanted to know if any IP based properties such as ip_country, ip_city, ip_address take time to get updated in the contacts list.


Hi @rkhariesh

Those properties may not be populated when a new contact is created, but they’ll usually be populated within a minute. Also, only contacts that have an IP address will have the IP location properties set, so if the record didn’t fill out the form, it usually won’t have an IP and wouldn’t have data for the IP location properties.



Thanks for the reply… I want to know, if the record has been form filled
and still the IP address is not captured… Will a scenario like this occur?



Any contact that filled out a form should have the IP address populated, but again it can take a minute for the location data to be populated after the form submission.

If you have a contact that filled out a form that doesn’t have an IP, can you send me a link to that contact?


Hi david,

I think IP address capturing after 1 minute is in recent times? And also
this doesnt happen to all the contacts. It happens randomly.

I dont have a contact that doesnt have IP address. Because when i relook at
the contact after certain time the IP values occur.

I have written a logic to fetch all properties of a contact including IP.
Now that there is a delay i am having trouble in IP related values
populating in my DB.



Hi team,

I would like to know which API should be used for my task.

I would want to filter contacts based on lastmodifieddate only.