API Integration


I have 3 questions relating to an API, and what can be done:

  1. is there a way for a third party system to run a check against deleted contacts that exist on the opt-out suppression list? For example, someone has opted-out of all mailings and then has been deleted from our contacts (but exists on a suppression list). Can a third party system run a check against that contact so they don't then email them on our behalf?

  2. When we delete a contact, can it trigger that contact to be deleted from a third party system via an API?

  3. Is there a way for a third-party system, using an API, to trigger a Hubspot mailing?

Many thanks.


Hi @tomframp,

  1. You can use the endpoint below to check the subscription status of an email address
  2. You can use the webhooks API to trigger a notification when a contact is deleted (see below).
  3. If you have access to transactional email, you could use the SMTP API or Single Send API (see below).