API: Is it possible to add listvalues to Industry?



We are currently building an integration between a CRM system and Hubspot.
We would like to use the standard Industry list but add more values to it.
We can read the list just fine, but we can´t add new values through the API, adding fields through the GUI works just fine though.

Is this possible at all?
if so, any snippets?



Hi @Par_Pettersson,

It's not currently possible to update the 'Industry' property via the API. This is because it's only possible to add fields to the property, not to edit or remove existing fields. The currently public Company Properties API doesn't have this level of granularity; allowing editing of this property via the API would allow editing/removing existing options, which would cause issues in-app.

I can totally see the use case for that, though; if you have the inclination, I'd recommend visiting the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community and posting this idea.