API is pushing contacts, but .json bundles are completely blank



We’re trying to automatically create contacts in DBX when one is created in HubSpot. This is the description I’m getting from tech team:
“We have the API set up in one of our demo accounts and the API process IS pushing out of HubSpot and into DBX. The process is creating a new Lead in DBX and is recording the completion of the API Digiform for each lead instance … What we need help with is actually getting Hubspot’s settings corrected in your account because right now the file bundles we are receiving are completely blank. I believe they send data out in .json and that is fine, but we are getting a blank file each instance. We have had tickets open with HubSpot support and they have acknowledged that the files are empty.”

Would really appreciate any help you could offer!


Hi @kyleschen,

Thanks for your patience here, this topic appears to have slipped under the radar. Can you give me some more info on which API(s) you’re using, and an example of a response you’re seeing where the body is empty?


Hey Derek, thanks.

From our tech team:
"Yes please send them this information regarding API credentials [attached]. Also please let them know that their support team was the one that verified with us that there was no data being sent.

He should be able to pull up our account (Presidential’s HubSpot) and see the communications that Bryan and I have also had with them.

Let’s see what Derek can do with this information and proceed from their. When you communicate back with him, could you ask him if he cannot get anywhere, if there was a way our developer can actually speak (not email or post) to someone in their dev team?

I cannot imagine that there is not a simple answer for this."