API Key Failed Authentication


API key Failed Authentication. None of the current advise appears to supply a reason why?


Hi @MeaningfulChange,

To troubleshoot effectively, I'll need a bit more information. Would you share:

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. The full request URL you used, not including your API key.
  3. The raw request body, including the headers.
  4. The full error you received from HubSpot, including the status code.


Hi Issac,

  1.               Bob Lawrence – bob@mcfirstaidtraining.co.uk
  2.               [www.mcfirstaidtraining.co.uk](http://www.mcfirstaidtraining.co.uk)


Hi @MeaningfulChange,

That's not what I asked for, but let's run with it!

  • To confirm, is your Hub (account) ID 5067517?
  • What app is depicted in that screenshot? Is it something your organization built or is it a third-party integration? (It looks like a third-party integration to me.) If it is a third-party integration, what is it?
  • Please make sure you're pasting in the entire API key beginning with bfbc85 from this page without any additional spaces.


Don’t worry. I will move on.

Kind Regards