API limit and batch user IP update



1.- Is there a way to know how many calls has our account done for a day? Since there’s a limit I’d like to know how many I have left.

2.- I need it in order to update the user geolocation, which is currently done with the Form API hs_context attribute. I haven’t found a batch API for Form API, so I think that I can only geolocate users one by one. Is there any alternative? I’d like to run my current code for all my users (as many were incorrectly geolocated).



Hi juanignaciosl,

My name is Hugo, writting from Bilbao, Spain.

For 1.–> I have some C# code for checking the API usage limit. You can do this API Call:


and will get:


Then you just deserialize that and you can use in your application logic.