API link into Hubspot from Lead forensics



I am not a developer at all, just to make this clear I am a marketing bod trying really hard to integrate an API link given to me by lead forensics to feed our leads straight into out HS CRM. I dont have access to a web developer so its down to me to sort it!

Can any one help at all???




Hi @kmackenzie, I feel your frustrations, that's a tough situation to be in for sure! I think the best and most immediate help you might be able to find would be to work with a freelancer here or here to see if a professionally trained developer can help figure out this API issue.

In the meantime, if you give me more details and your end goal overall, I'd be happy to sort of judge the scope of that or offer any workarounds if I have any in mind?



Thanks for getting back to me, we want all our Lead Forensics leads to feed straight into our HubSpot CRM so we can actively market to them and assign them to a sales person. LF have provided the key for us but as i am not a developer I have no idea how to set this up or even where to start.




Hi @kmackenzie, honestly I'm not very familiar with Lead Forensics. We do not have an integration with them. Can you direct message me with what they sent you?