API List All Contacts - Not Listing All



When we run the echo array of all the contacts with our API key, all contacts are not populating.

Why not?

I can PM the contact list with our API authentication, it’s certainly not 100 arrays of customer profiles.


@Saf_Codes Can you expand upon your issue? What are you getting back? Are you seeing any errors? Are you paging through all of the contacts?


There no error. It’s only listing some contacts and not all. I have setup my hubspot api and the URL query to my contacts as follows


Now, the above URL is supposed to output all the contacts in my database, but we get less than half the actual list of records…


@Saf_Codes You need to page through all of the contacts. We can’t return every single contact in one call or else the payload would be to large you would see a time out. The returned data should give you a vid-offset that you can use for the next call.


Thank you so much! That has solved my issue.