API Rate Increase



I realize that per https://developers.hubspot.com/apps/api_guidelines there is a rate limit.

HubSpot has the following limits in place for API requests:
10 requests per second.
40,000 requests per day. This daily limit resets at midnight based on the time zone setting of the HubSpot account.

We are experiencing extremely high traffic to https://dreamers.fwd.us/ and I need to increase the rate limits for requests per second and total for the day. Is there an emergency contact to call to get this increased?


Hi @Sheridan_Gray

We are unable to increase the rate limits per second, but we do have an API Call add-on which allows you to purchase an additional 120,000 API calls per day. In this situation the best resources for you would be your Account Manager, or our support team.

Can you tell me which endpoint are you using? and what is the use-case here? We may have a way to rearchitect so you wouldn’t need to purchase additional API calls.



We were able to work with our Account Manager to increase the total calls per day to 160k. It would be nice as a feature down the road to be able to adjust the rate limit as well. Our worker queue has gotten quite backed up.


Thank you for following up here, we really appreciate the feedback. I encourage you to also post a note about this to our Ideas Forum: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/idb-p/HubSpot_Ideas

Our product team monitors the ideas posted there regularly.

Thanks again,