API returning 403 as of 13th Nov - was working fine until today



As of this morning we are getting the following message returned when accessing the COS blogs API:

This oauth-token (...) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [content-access])

Our application is called Beacon eBooks (App ID: 30238) and was working fine until today. Has something changed that I should be aware of?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi @eoin, happy to help here. Looks like the portals that are responding with a 403 error do not have access to any Content tools. Most of those 403 errors are from your test portal which can be found to renew here: https://app.hubspot.com/developer/3843345/test-hub-ids/. The renew button isn't present since the portal expired more than 90 days ago. Expired test portals do not have access to any Content Tools. If you create a new test account, that one should have Marketing Enterprise by default. I'm wondering, though. Have the scopes changed at all on your application? For a few other Accounts, 4059725 and 4292109 to be specific, they don't appear to have ever had any Content scopes. The only way I can see them being able to install the integration originally would be if they had access to the tools beforehand, or if the Content scope was not defined in your app settings https://app.hubspot.com/developer/3843345/application/30238 originally.


Hi Connor,

Thanks for getting back to me. I didn't know that the test portals had to be renewed - that one hadn't since it was set up more than 1 year ago.

We haven't changed any scopes on the app. The app does predate scopes so it is possible that the accounts you mention had installed before scopes were introduced. Would that explain why they are getting error messages? Furthermore for those accounts would simple removing and reinstalling remedy the problem?

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Sorry, I had somewhat misread your part on scopes. Don't all Hubspot accounts have access to Content Tools?


Apolgies for bombarding you with messages. I have some further info.

The user reporting problem is HubID: 1289526 and I see that they have successfully imported blog posts using the app previously.


Sorry, I had somewhat misread your part on scopes. Don't all Hubspot accounts have access to Content Tools?

Free Accounts do not have access to any Content Tools, so if an Account was previously a paid one, installed your app, then downgraded, they'd see these 403 errors.

Going through your logs in your app, I haven't seen any 400 errors for that Account. The furthest record back was October 30th and that account was not included in those logs. That account does have access to Content Tools so it should be able to use your integration.

What you described in that the app predates scopes could very well be the issue. I was looking to see if there was any way for me to check historical data on a portal's installations, but couldn't find a way. Usually with a scopes issue, and if the account should have access to the tools your application is requesting, then uninstalling and reinstalling should work. Can you have them try that?


Thanks for your help, Connor. I have already asked the customer to uninstall / reinstall so hopefully that does the trick.