API Server Issues


Hey there,

We currently use the Hubspot API service to sync our contacts. Starting from the last Friday, we have issues of connected with API calls: our automatic sync program either doesn’t get a response or gets a time-out.


Hi @Edgar_Andriasyan

Are there any more details about the requests you’re making that you can share? In the cases where you are getting a timeout, are you getting an actual timeout response from HubSpot (such as a 502 or 504 response code)? Is that system having any problems connecting to any other services or just HubSpot?


Hi @dadams ,

Some details:

The last time we got the error is on June 19.
We do not see any error we just get NULL response with this request: https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v2/groups/ at around 10.00 Armenian time (GMT +4).
When we resend the request, it works.


That endpoint URL has been deprecated, but it should still work. The new endpoint is here:

Do you have any more details of the response? Are you actually getting the text null back from HubSpot?


We don’t get any text from Hubspot, we just do not get any response.
Also, starting from June 20, everything works fine, just want to ensure that it’ll be ok further.