API Subject Field Error



A client is creating a post request to this URL: 'https://api.hsforms.com/submissions/v3/integration/submit/1934329/2039dee6-69c3-44a7-ba06-20ebe3dd5abc'
With the following JSON objects:

[{"name": "firstname", "value": "Gabriel"},

{"name": "lastname", "value": "Muj"},

{"name": "email", "value": "gabriel@goalplan.com"},

{"name": "subject", "value": "Test subject"},

{"name": "content", "value": "Test content"}]


and is receiving this error regarding 'Subject' field:
{'status': 'error',

'message': 'The request is not valid',

'correlationId': 'f2359dec-7ed5-4f49-a125-0dc87e841e9d',

'errors': [{'message': "Error in 'fields.subject'. Required field 'subject' is missing",

'errorType': 'REQUIRED_FIELD'}],

'requestId': '8b386a4479d3e86aa1dc83217fbe0667'}

They are following the protocol of this post: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/forms/submit_form_v3

Their portal ID is: 1934329

They are not making more than 10 API requests per second, and the error appears everytime a call is made. Their 'Ticket Name' property looks correct as well.

The form is labeled 'Goalplan ticket form' and the field that is giving trouble is the 'Issue' field.

Does anyone have any further advice?

Thank you.


Hi @Anna_McCarthy,

I'll connect with you over Slack as well, but what this comes down to is that the Forms API only works with contact objects — not tickets.

When your customer sends this request to HubSpot, our system looks for contact properties with the internal names subject and content. These only exist in account 1934329 as ticket properties, so the API returns an error.

If your customer wishes to create tickets programmatically, they should use the Tickets API.