API submissions - multiple selections under on category (Select boxes)



Im working with Hubspot CRM, Sales Pro and Reports
We building a API and trying to find out the follow:

About the project: My client has a 3rd party website with a form that generates multiple selections under one category. Example: Languages (category): English, German, Spanish and Greek.

Is there a way to integrate the category selection into Hubspot’s Contacts so that it appears in the column with the category name and ‘selected’ results (Check box selections)? And if I click on the ‘contact’s name’ and it takes me to their timeline, will it show the category with selected results.

Eg: The user chose ‘Languages: Greek and English’. So the contacts column would be titled ‘Languages’ with English and Greek as their chosen selections.


@NikitasC333 You can do a multiple checkbox property. You need to create it in HubSpot and then you can update it via the Contacts API.