API Test Data Total Contacts



Diving into the API, using the example URLs given to do some quick testing to see if we can get our use-case working, I had a couple of questions about the data within.

First, what are the total number of contacts (if static) that can be retrieved?
Using "https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/search/query?q=%20&hapikey=demo" I see that there is a total of 247378 found. Is this the actual total of all contacts in the within the test environment?

Second, search seems to be the only way to get a "total" value of returned contacts. Using GetAllContacts, there is an offset which I can use to page through the responses, but no "total" value of the amount I'll be looping through. Is there a more efficient way to find all contacts?

  • Our specific use case is to find all contacts that have certain properties populated. I see I can eliminate contacts without said populated properties by adding the property field to the url, thus pulling back only contacts with that information populated.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @TommyT,

You might also consider using the Contact Lists API; you can create a smart list based on the contact properties you're interested in, and then pull contacts from that list. If you need to pull all contacts from the portal, the 'Get all contacts' endpoint is the only way to do that.