API to integrate Personas



Hi everyone,

We intend to use Hubspot for Lead Management in a site project.

We will use Sitefinity as CMS with DEC (Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud) to personalize customer journey in our site.

Personas and leads data will be created, at first, in DEC (Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud). And we need to send this data to Hubspot, where our marketing team will manage campaings.

We already tried to import contacts from CSV file, but if the Persona doesn’t exists in Hubspot, the field is left blank.

Is there any API in Hubspot that we can connect to syncronize Personas/leads/contacts data?



Persona is a protected field and cannot be updated using the API. You must first define all of your personas in HubSpot, and then you can set the field via API when you create/update contacts.