API to pull all form results


We use two Hubspot forms on our website to collect leads and then we use the Calling API function in HubSpot to transfer the data to our CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics) every hour. Over the past 2 weeks, we have noticed that some of our leads are missing from the data that is being transferred.

The link that we are using looks like this: http://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/recent?count=100&hapikey=24a69a1e-e3a4-462a-920e-b4653204bd7b&property=firstname&property=lastname&property=zip&property=company&property=market&property=jobtitle&property=country&property=address&property=phone&property=city&property=email&property=state&property=createdate&property=contact_us_message&property=contact_us_subject&property=web_inquiry_distribution&property=web_source_page&property=average_flow_rate&property=flow_rate_units&property=rfp_requesting&property=rfp_message&property=rfp_subject

After reviewing the code with my developer and individually reviewing the contacts that were not coming through, I found the issue - this API feed is only looking at new contacts. We want to pull every new form that is completed, regardless if they are new contact or an existing contact. Any ideas how to update our process to include all web form completions?


@jennifer It is only pulling new contacts because you are using the get recent contacts endpoint and you are limiting that to the most recent 100 as well. Try using the get all contacts endpoint instead.