Api usage limit


Hello im using hubspot api to get all the contacts related to companies in my hub.
In the last days i have updated a lot of my data and now have about 300 contact attached to different companies.

To save time and effort i keep all contacts in my database and update my database on a daily basis.
Today i saw an error and after debugging a saw that message:

{"status":"error","message":"You have reached your daily limit.","errorType":"RATE_LIMIT","correlationId":"622f2032-8ab5-4cbf-9a14-6627f4cf31ff","groupName":"publicapi:hapikey-tiered:basic:4234110","policyName":"DAILY","requestId":"6dc91cc3583ea93432b79de966f5e3ca"}

Could you help me understand what happend? i have only 300 contacts.....
Is there a way to see your api daily usage?
My Hub ID is: 4234110


@Yefrat The daily limit is 40k calls. If you are using OAuth you can see your call log in your dev account. If you are using the HAPIkey then you cannot see the log.

If you want to check your current daily status you can use this endpoint here: