API Usage limits and info


I am currently using Alteryx to push data from our Dwh to hubspot.
Currently our daily limit is 40k and when i run data to HS I can hit 90k on an update, which means I have to split the data sets.
I have created an automated check of the API usage which will stop when we get close to 40k.
I noticed that the Usage counter will update in increments(I believe that a real update is indicated by the ‘SUCCES’ or ‘CACHED’ indicator, correct?), these can jump by several thousand at a time.

I have been unable to find any documentation if there is a way to keep a constant ‘live’ update or if there is a max interval it is possible to depend on for updates?

Does anyone know if there are possible solutions or documentation of this, or do you have any experience you would be willing to share?