API Usage Report in Salesforce


API Usage Report in Salesforce

How do determine the Blank Client IDs?

Hubspot populates the Client ID field every time it does an API call, I know this from the report I found on Success.Salesforce.com Community.

Here is the report I found from

Joshua Pyle
@Kirill, put this URL in for your instance. It’s how I found the API report.


Replace the na1 with your instance.


Danny Ferrara


Hi, @dferrara. No value in Client ID indicates that the API calls can’t be directly attributed to a third party, and are associated with a user instead.

That doesn’t mean that API calls aren’t ultimately being consumed from a third party, only that it’s not directly making calls on their own. Connectors that constantly auth a user’s credentials would be the ones requesting API calls, but Salesforce would attribute those to the user whose creds were being authorized on this report.


Thank You bradmin, I appreciate your response. I understand better now.