API Versioning & Roadmap


Please can anyone provide some information on the frequency of API version updates (major and minor if applicable).

More importantly, is there an SLA regarding how long previous API versions remain supported before being sunset.

I need this information to respond to a client who is in an RFP process and wants to understand the impact of a HubSpot API integration when aligned with their release schedule and roadmap.


John Askew


Hey @JohnAskew, we don't have a roadmap laid out that goes over frequency, but as we push toward a Platform-centric company, I'd expect the frequency of updates to increase over the years. That said, these updates will likely be more geared toward new releases of endpoints rather than updating of previous ones. We will always notify users of any changes we make via the Changelog: https://developers.hubspot.com/changelog and will always provide a reasonable amount of time for users to switch to a new version if we sunset a feature. At this time, however, I can't provide the specifics in dates/frequencies that you're looking for.