API vs CSV Export assistance


Good morning
Hope you can assist me.
We are extracting data for Oxbridge via API and the information is incorrect according to them and not all the fields are in our DataWarehouse.
They pull a contact export from Hubspot (see attached file) with all the columns. They go to Contacts -> Properties -> Export
We use the following API's to get data to the DataWarehouse:
Get all contact, Get recently modified contact, Get recently created contacts, Get contact property, Get all properties, Get property groups
Even though we use all those API's they are still not showing the columns the same as on the report

Can you assist with the correct API's to use to get all the information based on the attached report from Hubspot?

Thank you


Hi @Arethavdb,

The in-app export tool uses the human-readable label for the column headers, while the Contacts API uses the internal property name. For example, the first name property has a label of "First Name" and an internal name of "firstname". An exported CSV will show "First Name" while the Contacts API will show "firstname". You can pull a list of all contact properties with labels & internal names using the Contact Properties API: