Apikey for making changes to my contacts


I seem to have two accounts. One is called developer-portal[…] and the other is called test2-dev-2725869.com.

I have an APIKEY for account developer-portal[…]. But this account seems to be designed to be an App.

However, I’m not developing an App. I just want to make changes to my own Contacts via my own programming. I don’t have Contacts in account developer-portal[…]. My Contacts are stored in account ``dev-2725869.com.’’

How can get I an API key for this account so that I can make changes (add, update, delete) to my Contacts?

Thank you!


Hi @dbastos

The Developer HAPIkey in the developer account can only be used for setting up apps, which for the moment means setting up the Timeline and Webhooks APIs.

You can get the API key for a portal from the Integration settings page inside the portal: