API's for a newbie



Hi, I'm new to the world of API's and unfortunately I can't make heads or tails of HubSpots documentation. I've found lots of information of the possibilities but non that shows me step by step what I need to do.

I only require parts of my companies analytics to show on our intranet. Is this possible?

Does anyone have a simple guide for beginners?

Once I've got my head around the basics, I'm sure the rest will fall into place.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @83n, can you shed light in more detail as to what your end goal is? Are you looking to pass data from Companies in HubSpot to an external system?

Unfortunately we don't have a beginners guide in our docs yet, and the topic of APIs in general isn't super straightforward. I might suggest a freelancer here or here if you do get stuck. Happy to rule out or confirm functionality or data you're trying to pull through the APIs, though, once you give more details on your goals here.


Hi @Connor_Barley, thanks for the links.

Currently my employer has asked for a selection of our HubSpot analytical data to show on our intranet. Not sure if this is possible but if so, will the data be shown to users without access to HubSpot?


Hi @83n, if your system supports REST APIs then you should be able to pull data from HubSpot and put the data you retrieve into your system. If one developer creates an application that pulls this data and displays it somewhere, then users would not need access to HubSpot. The person building out the application would need access, however, or at the very least, they'd need the API key for your account.