App authorize getting no permission even with super admin permission



Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

It’s possible you’re trying to authorize the wrong portal. Can you post some more details on the authorization URL you’re using, and the Hub ID of the portal you’re selecting? You’ll want to make sure you’re selecting a test portal or Marketing/CRM portal, not your developer portal.


my dev portal is already authorized, I was selecting our real production Marketing/CRM portal. I was also thinking, we have BASIC plan right now, does that allow us to use the REST API ?


Here’s the url info:


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

A Marketing Basic plan has access to the HubSpot API, but keep in mind that the Automation scope is only accessible for portals with access to the workflows tool (marketing pro/enterprise, or sales professional). That authorization URL also appears like it might be off; an authorization URL should look something like this:


if I can create a deal, update a deal, update timeline for the deal, then do I need automation scope?


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

No, it doesn’t sound like you need the automation scope. The automation scope is only required if you’re going to interact with workflows.


yes, it works without the automation. In order to use the app with my real portal, do I need to publish or activate the application?


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

There isn’t an explicit ‘publish’ process for HubSpot apps; if your app can be installed in a test portal and functions properly there, you can go through the same process to install your app into a production Marketing/CRM portal.


still having issue with the portal id:391112


Hi @Dileepa_Wijayanayake,

What scopes are you requesting in the authorization URL?