App integration webhooks not firing- any ideas?


All we are looking for the app to do is send some JSON to a URL when a Deal is created. Thanks for the help.

We went through the OAuth 2.0 protocol with our app’s client id, scopes for contact and oauth, and we selected the portal and were redirected to our url with the code. This means the app should be installed, but our webhooks logs are still empty, even though the webhooks are active. We have a webhook listening to Contact creation, and when we create contacts no webhook is fired.

Our installations in our app dashboard is still listed as 0.

On top of all that, when trying to create a test portal the widget returns a 500 internal server error, and the dialogue freezes in a disabled state.

Is there a good way of debugging this situation to see if the error is in the OAuth flow, or in the scopes?


@georgetmayorga I would contact support on that 500 error for creating a test portal. That doesn’t sound right to me. In terms of your last question you can use this endpoint below to check in on the scopes assigned to it and other meta - data.