Append form property to a redirect URL embedded in the landing page



First apologies for my lack of Hubspot knowledge. Hubspot is not the tool I work with on a regular basis but I got ask to have a look… anyway here is the challange we are facing:

  1. There is a Hubspot landing page that has a form with some mandatory fields in it
  2. One field is also of interest later on for a different page on our side we want to re-direct to on form submission
  3. Re-direct URL is defined in the form part of the landing page and it is an external one (resides in our domain)
  4. By clicking “submit” we obviously want to send the user to this external page…

But we want to append the Field/Property value from one of the form fields at the end of the external URL like


  • formPropertyA is the Property name from the hubspot form
  • myValueIenteredOnHubspotLandingPage is the entered value in formPropertyA field by user and different for each user

Actually that will make each submit of the form unique when the user arrives at the external page where we then be able to track that down (and later join that information back into Hubspot - which already works). But question here is: How to get the Field/Property from the form into the URL? Is there a syntax for it? Or achievable at all with this approach?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @relayr_thomas

HubSpot forms don’t have any settings that would add field values to the redirect URL, and if you’re using a form module on a HubSpot landing page, there isn’t a way to do this.

Can you tell me more this process and how you’d be using the value on the external page?


Hi @dadams,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The flow is that we want to “enrich” the URL so we can parse the appended attribute on our side to see where they are coming from. In this particular case coming from the Hubspot landing page we want to make sure the form field value they entered - which is in fact a piece of information we want to use to support them later - can be captured by the page on our side and added to the DB behind the system that hold much more information about the user.

Kind of everything tracked in Hubspot via landing page etc is for marketing but one information we want to pass on to our system where it would be used for support of that user later on (and obviously as a unique identifier between both systems). Hence we had hoped to do it via the URL parameter.

Thanks again.