Appending Facebook Event Code on Submit Button on HS Landing Page


Apologies if this is not in the proper place but this is where my HS contact directed me to try to find my solve. Essentially, what we would like to do is add our Base Facebook Pixel code to our landing page. Then, add the unique “Complete Registration” event code to the submit button. As we do not have a “Thank You” page once a user registers, we cannot simply append the “Complete Registration” trigger on that page, but have to have it fire upon the submit action.

Can anyone tell me:
A) Where i can edit the code in on my landing page within the HS platform (not just the header text)?
B) If they have seen success appending an event code in HS?
C) Any other instructions I may need to complete this?



Hi @bdecker04,

You can add the custom event code in the onFormSubmit callback of a custom form embed: