Are custom events retroactively associated with contacts?


If I push a custom JavaScript event, like _hsq.push(["trackEvent", { id: "12345", value: null }]); but I don’t have the user’s email or other identifying info yet – IF they actually convert and I capture their email in HubSpot, will event with id 12345 be retroactively added / backfilled in their user timeline?


Decided to do some simple testing and answered my own question - yes, if you trigger a JavaScript custom event, and then later gather enough info to generate a Contact, the event will be included in their timeline.

However, it looks like the timestamp corresponds to when the Contact was created, not when the original event occurred - I will have to do some more testing to confirm this.


@etlingfs Everything that occurs will be stored on the cookie and a internal contact we will make and store in HubSpot. Once that person has converted we will reveal that contact all the behavioral data that was tracked with it.