Are hubspots API's open api (spec) or actually just api's that are open to be used?


If it is Open API (pka swagger) spec where can I find the definition(s) for the services. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I can’t seem to find any schema and the term Open Api is used throughout Hubspots own description and documentation.



@amatomike We use the term Open API in the sense of a programmable interface that is open for developers of HubSpot customers to push and pull information from our platform. At the moment I do not believe we are part of the “Open API Initiative” and have not based our specs on the swagger specification standard.


any news on this ? I m searching some yaml swagger open api def for Hubspot API !


Hi @xavier.rouhaud,

This is something the team is very interested in; check out the current in-preview version of the Ecommerce Bridge API docs: