Associate Contact to Owner via API



The CRM Associations API does not show a Contact to Owner Association - even though it's clearly visible through the Web App when editing a Contact. What definition should I be using to make this Association?

Set Contact Owner through Contacts API

Welcome, @jamesxa!

The CRM Associations API allows for two unique CRM objects to be associated at a time. The Contact owner property (hubspot_owner_id), however, is treated as a contact property, so it's instead surfaced via the Contact Properties API.

You can thus make this pseudo-association when creating or updating a contact.


Thank you for making this clear. I find it confusing that Company to Owner is an Association but Contact to Owner is not.

Most API Documentation I've used lists out every single default editable property, but I can't find this anywhere in the Page you listed or elsewhere within the Contact Properties API documentation. How would I know what the 'name' is without running Get All Properties on a contact with this field already defined?
I realize custom properties are creatable, but you list out all the Association definitions so why not all the 'name's for properties? at least this is consistent throughout the API, several places were default 'name' type values must be garnered from a GET request instead of being documented. It is disappointing and frustrating as a new API developer to have to use your API to write my own API documentation.

It's also confusing that some contact property names use the format 'propertyname' (i.e. firstname) but others use the format 'property_name' (i.e. hubspot_owner_id)


Hey, @jamesxa.

Thank you so much for this feedback. Frankly, I agree with you and we have a long way to go to make our documentation (not to mention our APIs) entirely consistent. I hear and appreciate this constructive criticism. We're actually in the middle of auditing our developer documentation and I have included your notes for review.