Associating past company activity to a deal


Activities like emails, notes, calls, and meetings on a company's profile newsfeed can be associated to contacts, other companies, and deals. Is there a way to interact with these activity associations with any of the APIs? It would be great if our sales staff could see all of their interactions with a company from before a deal is created.


Hi @chriskeane, it sounds like you're looking for the Engagements API. From your setup, however, it seems as though you'd like to associate existing tasks, notes, etc. onto a Deal record. In this case, you can use the CRM Associations API, to make an association between an engagement and a deal. You'll need to use the GET all engagements endpoint beforehand to get all the engagement IDs first. Here's an example of what it'd look like on a deal timeline:

The create date would be after the actual engagement that happened in the past, but the engagements would all appear after the create date on the deal timeline