Associating visitor IP Address from events with Contact


We are creating contacts via the API, by making an identify call, followed by an event. We'd like to ensure that the IP address of the event is associated with the contact when it is created.

How can we ensure this happens?

From what we can tell, hubspot is not recording the IP address of the visitor when they fire events.


hi @bcx, are you also making a trackPageView or trackEvent call after the identify method? Since the identify method only stores the data in the tracker, the data must be passed by tracking a pageview or an event. You mentioned that you're using an event, but I want to make sure that it was a JavaScript Event and not an HTTP event. The IP address should be recorded if our tracking code is able to identify one.

So that I have a full picture can you reply with a link to a contact in HubSpot that was created by your event, as well as the page that your event appears on? Thanks!