Asterisk PBX integration


We are going connect our existing Asterisk PBX to HubSpot.
Generally we need to have ability to make calls from contact list and get pop up in case of incoming call.

Please point me in right direction how to do this.



Hi @denys, would you be able to provide a bit more context here? What exactly is Asterisk PBX, and do they have an integration with HubSpot? From your description, I know for a fact that HubSpot would not be able to handle incoming calls, but outgoing calls are certainly possible. I'd check out integrations like AirCall and CallRail



Asterisk is a open source VoIP system ( ), we are using it as corporate telephony solution.
As I know there is no native integration with HubSpot. My goal is to integrate with it in a way to send/receive events from Asterisk to HubSpot.
If we have a new call to our IVR line, Asterisk will notify HubSpot via http (curl app) and agent will see popup with client information.
If agent needs to call somewhere, he presses call button on contact page and HubSpot somehow will do http request to our system to inform Asterisk to make a call.