Attach Support tickets to Contacts?



Hi All!

We are a cloud based help desk solution looking to add an integration between our solution and Hubspot CRM.

We are looking at hopefully having the ability to “attach” support tickets to new or existing contacts within Hubspot. We’ve reviewed the API but can’t seem to find the ability.

The use case is this: As a salesperson using Hubspot CRM, we would find it useful to know if our current, and more importantly potential new customer are having any support related matters. Having the ability for our support help desk solution to automatically push tickets to a contact in Hubspot would be very valuable.

Anyone have any idea if this is possible (maybe using the Form API) ?



Hi @CayzuHelpDesk

This isn’t something that we support well at the moment, but it sounds like a good fit for our upcoming CRM Extensions API. You can check out the details for that upcoming feature on the home page of, as well as sign up for the upcoming beta.


Thanks. I’ve gotten a team member to sign up for the beta.


@CayzuHelpDesk you may also want to look into our Timeline API. Other helpdesk providers have used this (quite successfully) in the past to write ticket events onto contact timelines in HubSpot, indicating that tickets have been opened, updated, or closed. You can include some details around the ticket in these events as well.

The upcoming CRM Extensions API would add a ton of additional power to such an integration, but many customers find value in having historical ticket data recorded on the contact regardless,


Thanks Comptly! Appreciate it and we will!