Attachment to Automated e-mail


Hi there!

Is it possible to add an attachment to an automated email? Not through a link, but as an attachment.

In this scenario, a personal PDF is created everytime a contact fills in a certain form. This PDF needs to be send as an attachment with an automated e-mail, which is send when the form is filled in. It’d be easy to send a link to the PDF in the automated e-mail, but that’s not what we want.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

update: woops, spoke too soon. Found an answer :slight_smile:


What was the answer? I’m searching for this as well.


Hm, to be honest I don’t remember why I said ‘I found an answer’. We decided to go with a dynamic link anyway.


Thanks for replying and updating us. I just received a reply from Support stating that, “Attachments on marketing emails as well as transactional emails are not supported by tool at this time.”

They provided a link to this idea for adding this functionality, please upvote so we can get this moving!